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  • Seeking to augment your in-house development teams with new engineers
  • Dissatisfied with cultural and communication issues or low quality software from an existing supplier
  • Growing fast and looking for a reliable software development vendor to keep up with the pace
  • Struggling with engineer turnover and looking to build a long-term relationship with a vendor

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Python & Django software development company

For more than 9 years we are focused on Web, Mobile, Cloud and Machine Learning
Client reviews on the Quality of our work
Walter Visser
Director of Digital Experience Swell
They have very good organization and project management expertise. We're not just getting the developers, we're getting a whole support team. Also, PyMonsters cares about their employee satisfaction. And with satisfied employees, we get much better output.
Elvin Li
Head of Quality Assurance at 2359media
We wanted a company willing to create a custom system from the ground up. They built a custom, centralized database for a transformer manufacturer. The highly visual system allows coordination between workers at multiple production facilities. They were focused on delivering a quality product. Their team was dedicated to the overall success and outcome of the project. Think we got it.
Agatha Young
Head of Product team at Wise
They worked with us every step of the way, from planning to coding and hosting. They were online whenever we needed them and the feedback from our first customers was that we had built a user-friendly product. Integrio Systems was a huge help in getting us to this point where we could actually start selling the product.
Case studies
R&D offices in Kazakhstan, Estonia and Germany enable us to provide 16 hours production and support cycle, as well as attractive pricing.
  • Speech Recognition and Moderation
    A CRM-like system where the client work of employees are recorded throughout the day. Audio recordings are taken and sent to worker servers that recognize speech and send metadata to the main server that then completes basic analysis and statistics.

    Stack: Python, Django, Redis, Celery, React JS, REST API
  • Health Monitoring System
    Software for monitoring health using mobile devices. The devices (by Everion) send data to the cloud. Our goal was to get data through a REST API, show data on a monitor, analyze data, and send emails if something goes wrong with the patient.

    Stack: Python, Django, React JS, ML
  • Software for Cash Terminals
    Microloans-focused financial company that uses the Mei Bill Acceptor software for accepting and monitoring payments. Currently, more than 200 terminal machines are running. We delivered low-level programming for the serial port to communicate with bill acceptors.

    Stack: Python, Django, COM
  • Testing Plarform for Universities
    Currently, more than 50,000 tests have been passed and more than 300,000 questions answered. Fourteen universities are using this solution nearly daily. It has photo identification, IP address check, device ID checks, and many other functions.

    Stack: Python, Django, ML


Our goal is to deliver value to our customers through high-quality services. Flexible cooperation and pricing models.
Web app development

Web systems of any scale and complexity as ERP, CRM, LMS solutions.

Custom software development

Enterprise software designed and developed for your company’s specific needs.

AI and Machine Learning

Our team provides the full package, including data analysis and preparation, model development, implementation and training, and finally integration and post-launch support.
Solutions for startups

MVP development. Success-oriented development based on agile, rapid development cycle.

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Meet our leadership Team
  • Miras Dolayev

    CEO and Delivery director

  • Timur Bakibayev
    Co-founder, CTO,
    Full-stack Python/Django engineer, Ph.D. in CS
  • Mikhail Lipkovich
    Solution Architect,
    Machine Learning engineer,
    Ph.D. in Math
  • Kirill Yakunin
    Solution Architect,
    Full-stack Python/Django engineer, Ph.D. in CS
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